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Trinity Third Graders Create Communities Using 3D Printers

Posted On: 10/29/2018 12:55 PM

Using MacBooks and 3D printers, Trinity third grade students designed their own communities in the Lower School Media Center. The finished products are on display outside our STEAM Studio, along with other creative projects the students have been working on this school year.

Trinity’s Lower School faculty goes to great measures to present real-world challenges to our students. This type of instruction engages students and allows them a hands-on approach to problem solving. Our classroom teachers work closely with our librarian/media specialist, Mrs. Osmer, to provide productive educational experiences for our students. At Trinity, we are preparing our children to enter a job market with employers who value critical thinking skills and sustained engagement. Our students acquire these skills through project-based learning activities and productive struggle. We are thrilled over the opportunities that are provided to our Lower School students through our media center and the 3D printers.
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