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"Helping Students Navigate Social Media and the Law" with Mark Bain, Attorney for Melton, Espy, Williams
Trinity Parent Partnership with Tommy McGregor on “Selfie: A Parents Guide to Social Media”
Mike Zavada chats with Transmission ministry founder Tommy McGregor about his book and video course series. "Selfie: A Practical Guide to Social Media. Tommy offers practical ways to train and disciple your children using social media. The course and this video highlight practical things parents guidance of which parents should be aware. The 7 segment series "Selfie Course" is available at
Trinity Parent Partnership Video: Patrick Quinn on the promise and challenges of parenting in a social media world.
MS/US Principal Mike Zavada interviews Frazer Church Pastor and Author Patrick Quinn about guiding our young men and women through the realities of social media. Pastor Quinn has done his phd work on the Social Media and the Church and is also the author of "How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps," a book that explores the way parents can nurture virtue in their sons and daughters. Patrick Quinn espouses an excellent perspective that Social Media can be used well for God's glory and that we should be diving in, rather than pulling back from it as a tool to further God's kingdom. This interview provides excellent philosophical insight into social media and parenting as well as some practical tips.
Trinity Parent Partnership Videos: Cyberbullying and the Law
Trinity Parent and Lawyer Mark Bain discusses Alabama state law and cyberbullying in an effort to help parents guide their sons and daughters in a positive manner through the teen years with social media. Mark is interviewed by MS/US Principal Mike Zavada as they take a detailed look at the law with regard to this issue and ways we can steer our young men and women toward good practices that would glorify God. Examples from case law are used to show the pitfalls and consequences of misuse of social media and texting. Mark Bain is an attorney for Melton, Espy & Williams of Montgomery. He specializes in working with non-profits on policy including many hospitals. He also has spoken to the Alabama High School Athletic Association Members regarding this issue.
Help! My Child Can't Concentrate with Dr. Den Trumbull

Click here to view a copy of Dr. Trumbull's Powerpoint in PDF format.

Growing Your Math Student with Kelley Rouze

Social Media Awareness with Mark Bain

Study for Success: Study Skills for Lower School Students with Laura Williams


Study Skills That Work With Middle & Upper School Students with Laura Williams

Building a Transcript One Course, One Activity at a Time
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