About Trinity

Trinity is an accredited K3 through 12th grade Christian day school and Montgomery’s foremost educational institution, binding academic excellence with Christian values.


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Providing a challenging college-preparatory education, Trinity provides a rigorous academic program, committed educators, outstanding athletics, and a nurturing family environment. Educators at Trinity strike the perfect balance as they encourage students to strive for excellence, while emphasizing Christ-like character above all else. “The Trinity Experience” produces leaders who possess mental, physical and spiritual strength. One hundred percent of Trinity graduates are accepted to post-secondary institutions, with many attending some of the finest colleges in the nation. Offering the only full-time dance program at a Montgomery independent school, Trinity’s award-winning fine arts program offers state-of-the-art areas for dance, choral, instrumental, visual arts, and speech. An athletic program with a long-standing tradition of championship-level teams, many Trinity athletes play at the next level in several sports. Athletics play an integral part in Trinity’s educational program, which is designed to develop the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

A Trinity Education...

 Discovers the brilliance within each child.

► Surrounds him/her with a strong family atmosphere.

► Shows him/her how to excel in more than one arena.

► Creates a nurturing environment in each classroom.

► Encourages students to strive for excellence.

► Emphasizes Christ-like character above all else.

► Builds leaders who possess mental, physical, and spiritual strength.