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K4 Class is Hands On!


Our K4 class has been very busy! They’ve learned about the letter R, which they reinforced through hands-on activities such as making rockets and robots. They also accepted a challenge from “Dr. Science” to use prisms to create rainbows and to grow rock candy. While performing their experiments in the STEAM Studio, they enjoyed looking at reptiles and examining rocks.

They’ve also been learning about helpers in our community. They made a special visit to our Trinity cafeteria and were given a tour by our wonderful staff. They loved having the opportunity to meet all the kind people who make and deliver their lunches every day. Mrs. Bethea and Mrs. Waddell set up their very own K4 Construction site where they practiced hammering nails and using a screw driver. They also had an area full of sand to experiment with earth moving machines. An extra bonus was a visit by Froggy Bottom and seeing the skid steer mover at work!