Lower School Library


The Trinity Lower School Library is staffed by a teacher with an early childhood/elementary degrees. This benefits the school family in a number of ways:

  • The librarian operates the facility from a teacher’s perspective
  • The librarian uses books as teaching tools to meet core standards in all areas of the curriculum

  • Lessons are taught daily in science, language arts, math, social studies, technology, etc.

  • The library acts as an extension of the classroom as it enhances classroom lessons

Mac Lab
The library has a Mac Lab connected to the library allowing students to learn research skills, as well as a host of other computer skills. 

Celebrates the Whole Child
The library is able to meet the needs of the whole child through art, technology, hands-on activities, math, science, and music.

Open Access Library
Students are able to check out books anytime during the day--not just once a week during their library time.

Family Library
Parents and siblings are welcome to enjoy and take advantage of the library.

K5 - 4th Grades
K5- 5th grades meet for 45 minutes once to twice a week.

K4 students meet for 30 minutes each week.

K3 students meet for 30 minutes each week.

Kingdom Keepers
Kindergarteners (K5) are paired with fifth grade students. They write letters to each other throughout the year, as well as meet in the library every 4-5 weeks for joint activities.

AR Program
The AR Program is an independent reading comprehension program. Students are encouraged to participate. Grade-level goals are set and small incentives are given throughout the year (breakfast with the Head of Lower School, point clubs, incremental prizes, end-of-the-year reward for those accomplishing their goal).

STAR Tests
These tests are administered 3 to 4 times per year and are used as an additional assessment, concerning each child’s reading level. It also assists the librarians in helping children choose appropriate books. 

Grand Story Hour
This event occurs three times a year, where grandparents and grandchildren are invited to the Trinity Lower School Library for a time of storytelling and treats.

Library Statistics

  • 40,000 + books in libraries

  • 3,500  average circulations per month

  • 14,000+ circulations each school year



Hours: Mon - Fri  7:30 AM - 3:30 PM