Middle/Upper School Library

Our library is the place where kids want to be!

The Middle/Upper School Library is a place where students want to be: a place where “anything” can happen; a place where you can learn independently; find expert help in locating and using high-quality information; practice group learning skills; and feel welcome, safe, and valued.

The Trinity Middle/Upper School Library was designed as a flexible facility where many different types of learning can take place. The large learning area dubbed the “research room” is a place for whole-group instruction, research, discussion and presentation. The room has a portable White Board, and is equipped with movable tables and chairs so the room can be set up to best meet needs of the instructor. The area is set apart by a glass wall. The Cyber Cafe provides a space where small groups can gather for discussion and and collaboration. There are also spaces for individual study, reflection, quiet reading and creative flow, and there are smaller separate spaces where learners can get together to discuss and share. 

The library resources include a wide range of materials that allow students, faculty, staff, and parents to explore their creative inclinations, learn new skills, and apply their learning in innovative ways. DESTINY is the library automation program used in the Trinity libraries. This program allows us to index websites, add related web links to book records, and provide patrons with home access to the library catalog and our digital resources 24/7.

The library collection consists of over 40,000 books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Printed books are still important in the spectrum of learning at Trinity, but digital technology allows for instantaneous fact-finding. The simple fact is that human beings still like to browse, see books, touch books, as well as sit and read slowly and deeply. Books are still on our shelves, because a text rich environment is important for learning. 

The library subscribes to more than 40 periodicals (many with digital access), and newspapers—such as the New York Times (+digital access), Washington Post (+digital access), Montgomery Advertiser (+digital access). These are available for use by the Trinity family. Our media collection contains over 2500 videos—instructional videos for use by our faculty and students, and a large variety of entertainment videos for student and family use.

The library subscribes to more than 20 academic databases—including World and I, World News Digest, JSTOR, Issues and Controversies, Great Events From History, Great Lives From History, Bloom’s Literary Reference, Critical Survey of Short Fiction Literary Reference Center Plus, Poetry For Students, and Short Stories For Students.

Our digital resources help facilitate the increasingly important global connection between our students and the rest of the world. These resources help students connect to an authentic audience in a broader community—using apps such as Skype and FaceTime to connect with authors or experts in other locations, and helping to locate information from varied sources and experts outside our school walls.


School Hours: Monday - Friday; 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Library Summer Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday, 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Closed: May 29-30, July 4

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