Enrichment Classes

In order to cultivate the God-given gifts and talents of each child, weekly enrichment classes are offered in art, Spanish, choral music, media center, and physical education. The following gives a brief overview of these enrichment classes

Lower School students identify and explore the elements of art: line, shape, value, color, texture, shape, and form in a studio setting. Techniques, concepts, and vocabulary are enhanced as students experiment with drawing, painting, clay, collage, and other mixed media. Each student is provided the opportunity to create art in various mediums, allowing students to develop confidence, artistic technique, and creative self-expression.

The Lower School Foreign Language program at Trinity seeks to encourage the students to learn about people of other languages and cultures, including a comparison between American and Hispanic cultures. The curriculum incorporates holidays such as Mexican Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, and Cinco de Mayo into the study of the language.

Choral Music
Students are given the opportunity to experience the different elements of music through movement, singing, and playing instruments. Skills are taught in a sequential manner and concepts covered include rhythm, melody, form, dynamics, tone color, and musical styles.

Media Center
The Lower School Media Center encompasses a library and an innovation lab that is a child-friendly place encouraging  reading, learning, and the use of technology. As an open access teaching library, we currently house over 20,000 elementary-level library materials. The innovation lab has robots, iPads, computers, and Legos.

Physical Education
The goal of the PE program is to assist each student in becoming physically educated through motor skill development, health enhancing activity, and interactive behavior. The intent is to provide students of all abilities and interests with a foundation of movement experiences that will eventually lead to active and healthy lifestyles.

Angel Choir
Easter Chapel Hand Mime