Lower School at Trinity

K3 – K5
Our early childhood classrooms are mini learning communities that create interest through an enriched curriculum, group activities, state-of-the-art technology and purposeful learning centers. We incorporate a hands-on learning environment which promotes creativity and critical thinking. Because teachers in our early childhood learning center are goal-oriented in their curriculum planning, they meet regularly to assess the effectiveness of their instruction. Our teachers strive to enhance the intrinsic link between social and emotional growth because these characteristics have proven to have a strong impact on a child’s cognitive development. All of this done through the lens of a biblical world and life view helps to round out an exceptional beginning for early learners.

1st Grade – 3rd Grade

Our primary grades strive to provide a smooth transition, academically and socially, for our children into each successive grade. The curriculum in our primary grades provides a stimulating learning environment, encouraging children to discover and actively explore the wonders of their world. The students are exposed to a well-balanced, foundational curriculum which includes instruction in reading, math, language, science and social studies. Primary grade teachers are keenly aware of how each child is created uniquely and purpose their instruction to encompass this Biblical truth. Our students participate in our school’s Apple technology integration program. Incorporating technology along with purposeful learning activities provides the foundation in reading and math that ultimately leads to students’ confidence and success in the classroom.

4th Grade – 5th Grade

Intermediate grades work together to promote Christian values and principles inside and outside the classroom. As students begin attending departmentalized classes, they benefit from targeted instruction in each subject area. Each year builds upon the sequence of lessons which have been taught in previous grades. Careful planning and collaboration with other teachers ensures that the interests, skills and abilities of students are met with a curriculum that is solid and challenging. This curriculum challenges students to continue learning in an environment that fosters critical thinking along with core knowledge. Macbooks, iPads, and Smartboards allow for interactive opportunities when learning or practicing skills.