Internet Safety

Trinity uses the Barracuda Web Filtering appliance to protect our organization from Internet-based threats.  Barracuda, with its robust policy-driven filtering and reporting technology, delivers this via the powerful 610 Series appliances. This award-winning combination offers unprecedented protection at the perimeter from threats such as malware, spyware, IM, P2P and inappropriate content.  

Barracuda's comprehensive on-box reporting helps enforce acceptable use and security policies while mitigating the risks of legal liability, security breaches, erosion of network resources and productivity loss.  And with free antivirus onboard, Barracuda adds an additional layer of protection to your network security strategies.
It is important to remember that no program is perfect. There is always the possibility that something inappropriate could “slip through” or something that is appropriate will be blocked. Realize that filtering programs do not necessarily protect teens from all dangerous activities. And even though they might block what one can see online, they might not block what they can say. For example, even with a filter it might be possible for a child to post inappropriate material or personal information on a social networking site or blog or disclose it in a chat room or instant message. The best way to assure that your son/daughter is having positive online experiences is to stay in touch with what they are doing. One way to do this is to spend time with your children while they're online. Have them show you what they doing and be sure to set rules and guidelines for their Internet use. We highly recommend following these basic guidelines from the "Teen Safety on the Internet Highway":

  • Be open with your teens and encourage them to come to you if they encounter a problem online
  • Keep your identity private
  • Never get together with someone you “meet” online
  • Never respond to e-mail, chat comments, instant messages or other messages that are hostile, belligerent, inappropriate or in any way make you feel uncomfortable has posted valuable articles with tips and hotlinks for training students to be safe on the Internet. Any parent whose children have access to a computer-- whether their own laptops, a home desktop, or a friend's-- should take a look at this posting.