Care and Maintenance

  • Use only approved wipes for the screen or cleaners that are designed for LCD screens (regular glass cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia can cause damage).
  • While the computer is turned off, you may clean the keyboard, trackpad and surfaces with a lightly damp cloth. Never spray cleansers directly on your computer.
  • The trackpad can be damaged if not used properly. Never use a pencil, eraser or other object on the trackpad.
  • Don’t place heavy objects on top of the laptop. This may cause damage to the screen. In a pile the laptop must be on top!
  • Do not place stickers on the inside/outside of the laptop.
  • Be careful with the screen. Don’t touch the screen with your fingers or any other object.
  • Don’t place anything between the screen and the keyboard when you close the computer.
  • Use your laptop on a sturdy surface that allows for adequate air circulation. Placing the laptop on a pillow during use or blocking the side air vents can cause it to overheat.
  • Do not bend the AC adapter wire.  Leave plenty of room for the wire to reach the computer.