Technology Courses at Trinity

Computer Broadcasting/Exploratory Art (Grade 8)
This elective course is a rotation class. One semester will be spent in an exploratory art class designed to allow students the opportunity to explore the use of various technology in relation to the visual arts. Graphic design, drawing, painting, animation and collage will all be explored, as well as various other apps and computer technology. Art History will also be incorporated through a research project. One semester will be spent using iMovie and Keynote to produce and record the Middle School morning message.

Computer Technology (one semester) Grade 9
This class is only for 9th graders or students new to Trinity. Students will learn digital citizenship and programs in iLife. Working toward proficient application of skills in other courses, students will receive continued instruction in keyboarding and iWork.

Digital Computer Ethics (one semester) Grade 10
This course will teach students to thrive in the world of media and technology by learning the importance of online safety and security and by being given the tools to assess appropriate digital information. The Digital Driver’s License curriculum will be the basis for this course covering 5 core areas: Digital Communications, Etiquette and Security/Digital Access, Health and Wellness/Digital Commerce/Digital Law, Right and Responsibilities/Digital Media Fluency. This online format combines video, discussion, and assessments to increase the student’s awareness of responsible technology usage.

Digital Media Production (one semester) Grades 10-12
Students will learn higher-level video, broadcasting, and photography, using Apple computers. They will use various creative media applications such as Adobe PhotoShop, Apple iMovie and Apple Garageband. This course gives students “hands on” experience creating individual projects in the world of digital media.

Graphics (one semester) Grades 10-12
Students will create personal graphics, illustrations, and web-based publications using iBook. They will collaborate electronically within the class through web-based blogs.

College Tech Basics (one semester) Grades 11-12
This elective course will provide students with 10 basic technology skills to be successful in college, with an emphasis on transitioning between Apple and Microsoft programs. These skills include internet search, Office suite skills, technology help skills, typing, social media, netiquette, online security and safety, basic troubleshooting and hardware skills, data backup and copyright/citing sources skills.

Music Technologies (one semester) Grades 9-12
This elective course uses electronically produced sound as a medium for creating and performing musical experiments and projects. Topics include the study of stereo systems, PA systems, recording devices, digital synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, computers, and Musical Instrumental Digital Interface (MIDI). An emphasis will be placed on computer sound production, using MIDI and audio synthesizer software for audio/visual projects.