Grades 2-12 Admission Process

Applicants to Trinity are determined by academic screening, psychological evaluation, standardized achievement test results and grade point averages, as well as completed teacher recommendation forms. Trinity Seeks students with standardized achievement test scores at or above the 50 percentile with a minimum of an A/B grade point average. Trinity requires and expects exemplary behavior from its students; therefore, only students with respectable behavioral records will be considered for admission.

1. Parent/Student Tour – Contact the Admission Office to schedule a tour of the school. These can be scheduled by contacting Keeli Osmer, Director of Admission, at  (334) 213-2213 or or clicking the link below. 

Schedule a Tour 

2. Application The Trinity application must be completed online. 

Trinity Application

3. Transcript and Attendance Records – In order for an applicant to be considered for admission, an unofficial transcript must be submitted.  In addition to these grades, an updated attendance record must also be submitted.

4. Standardized Test Results – Results from an approved standardized test must be submitted. If current standardized test scores are not available, please contact the Admission Office for more information.  

5. Admission Assessment (Grades 2-11) – Please contact the Admission Office to set up testing.

6. Parent/Student Interview (Grades 6-11) – Parents will be contacted by the Admission Office to schedule an interview after the completed application, transcript, standardized test results, and completed recommendations forms have been received.