K3 Admission Process

Trinity school is currently accepting applications for the 2022-23 K3 class. February 1 is the deadline for applications to be considered in the priority admission process. Applications received after February 1 deadline are placed in a rolling admission process. Priority admission process invitations are mailed in March. Rolling admission process invitations are mailed as soon as the admission process is completed. 

Listed below are the steps in the admission process. Completion of the steps does not guarantee enrollment. Actual enrollment is based on availability in addition to meeting all admission criteria.

1. Parent Tour – Contact the Admission Office to schedule a tour of the school. These can be scheduled by contacting Jenny McClinton, Director of Admission, at (334) 213-2213 or jmcclinton@trinitywildcats.com.

2. Application The Trinity application must be completed online. 

K3 Skills Required
Young children develop at such different rates, it is almost impossible to create a checklist of skills that is essential to start K3. However, there are some behaviors that are conducive to group learning for young children. It is important that these “PIECES” of K3 readiness are in place as the school year begins.
P: Potty Trained
I: Independent (playing & eating)
E: Expressive (be able to express themselves in a meaningful way and understand directional phrases)
C: Concentration (be able to focus on task)
E: Emotionally Ready (ability to say goodbye to parent)
S: Stamina (able to function with one nap per day)

Putting these “PIECES” together can help to ensure that your little one has a smooth start to a great K3 year.