2021-22 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Technology for grades K3-12 is included in tuition, along with the 1:1 student to Apple computer program in grades 2-12. Quality lunches and textbooks are also included in tuition, plus regular season athletic admission for all students. 

K3 and K4 complete tuition and fee schedule, including payment plans.

K5-12 complete tuition and fee schedule, including payment plans. 

K3 (3 full days) - $5,220
K3 (5 full days) - $7,195

​K4 (3 full days) - $6,035
K4 (5 full days) - $8,440

K5 (5 full days)  -  $10,600

Grades  1-3  -  $12,765
Grades  4-5  -  $13,390
Grades 6-8  -  $14,375
Grades 9-12  -  $14,515
(The costs listed above are based on a 1-payment plan for total tuition, including the tuition deposit. Other plans, including a  3-payment, 4-payment, an 8-payment, and a 12-payment are also available.)

Important Notes: The first tuition payment is required for class rosters & schedules.

Military Discount: In recognition of the service and sacrifice of our military families, Trinity gratefully extends a 10% discount on tuition to active duty full-time military families.

Tuition Refund Insurance: A tuition refund insurance plan has been added to protect your yearly financial obligation.  The premium is 1.1% of full tuition and is billed in May.

Application Fee: An application fee of $50 for new students is required with the initial application. This application fee is a one-time fee and is non-refundable. 

Tuition Deposit: A deposit of $300 is due in February for each student enrolled in Grades K3-11.  For non-enrolled students, this deposit is required when an enrolled spot is accepted. This deposit is non-refundable. 

Building Fee: A fee of $200 per family is billed each year for five years.

Activity Fee: Grades K3 through 5th Grade will have an activity fee in September and/or October. This fee will include school supplies, fieldtrips, class photos, etc. Depending on the grade, this fee is approximately $150 to $300.

Late Fee: A 3% per month late fee is applied to all late tuition. All tuition and fees are due on the 15th day of the month listed in the above schedule and are late if not paid by the last day of that month. 

Our policy states that all billed first semester tuition and fees along with other billed charges must be current by Oct. 15, and all billed second semester tuition and fees along with other billed charges must be current by March 15.  For all five plans, statements will be posted to your account during the first week of each month of that plan. Please check it monthly for billed charges. Each tuition payment in Plan B, C, D, and E includes approximately a $10 handling fee.

At Trinity...

A Trinity education may be more affordable than you might think. For more information about tuition assistance, please contact   Mary Elizabeth Collett, mcollett@trinitywildcats.com. For information regarding Scholarship for Kids and AOSF contact
Kelly Treadwell, ktreadwell@trinitywildcats.com.