Discover the Trinity Difference

Hear from a few of our alumni as they describe the difference Trinity made in their lives.  You will see that the educational experience at Trinity is unparalleled and as unique as your child. From a college freshman just starting out, to a U.S House of Representative, Trinity alumni agree—Trinity is extraordinary in every way!

Since our beginning in 1970, Trinity has made its mark in the River Region by preparing countless graduates for further education at some of America’s most prestigious colleges and universities. We diligently study the latest trends in higher education and make necessary changes to our curriculum as needed while still maintaining our core beliefs. At Trinity, we provide our students with the highest level of academics, while also providing the necessary intellectual tools to engage with the world around them, understand others’ points of view, and defend their own. In order to do this well, students receive a broad liberal arts education at Trinity that focuses on mind, body, and spirit.

We understand that each child is created in the image of God with unique strengths, talents, gifts and abilities. Our desire is to help your child fulfill their greatest potential by offering an unparalleled academic experience with an emphasis on scholarship, citizenship and Christ-like service. Our world is undergoing change at an unprecedented rate due in large part to both technological improvements and increasing globalization. We believe that the well-rounded education that Trinity has to offer is just what young people need in order to thrive in this increasingly competitive world.

We invite you to discover the Trinity Difference!