HOF Nomination Form

Please provide as much information on the nomination form as possible.  All pertinent information about the candidate must be provided on this form as this is what will be used by the Hall of Fame committee when reviewing candidates.

Criteria for Nomination by Category:

  • Alumni, meaning those who have graduated from Trinity, are eligible for nomination 15 years after graduation.
  • Former faculty/staff members must have served Trinity for a minimum of three years, and may be eligible for nomination five years after retirement or resignation.
  • Former Board Members must have served at least one full term on the Board of Trustees (3 years).
  • Friends of Trinity, meaning those who are not an alumni, faculty or staff member, or former Board member, will be considered on a case by case basis.  No specific length of service to Trinity is required for nomination. Anyone who meets the criteria of the categories listed above may be nominated for those categories only and may not be nominated as a friend of Trinity.
  • Deceased candidates will be given equal consideration.  There is no set of minimum or maximum number of posthumous inductions.
  • ‚ÄčIn lieu of selecting all individual members of a group the Committee feels should be recognized in the TPS Hall of Fame, the Committee may select the group as a whole. Groups shall be selected according to the same criteria above. Individuals included in a group shall be eligible to be selected as an individual if he/she meets eligibility requirements. Groups shall be eligible at any time.

The deadline for submitting a nomination is October 29th.