Middle School Girls Bible Study

The Middle School Girl’s Bible Study is for girls in grades 6-8. It began in August 2016 and is led by 18 Upper School girls under the guidance of Middle School Art Teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Bricken. They meet biweekly throughout the school year at 7:30 AM in the new gym. They begin each morning with a breakfast provided by designated MS moms. Next, they gather in the new gym where one Upper School leader presents a message. Then, they break into small groups. Each small group consists of 2 Upper School leaders and about 9 Middle Schoolers. The goal of small groups is to create accountability and friendships between the different age groups. For more information or any questions, please contact Mrs. Bricken at jbricken@trinitywildcats.com

2018-19 LEADERS:

12th - Alcy Christie, Catherine Parma, Anna Lawrence Pemberton, Mary Ann Pittman

11th - Melanie Beth Cawthon, Lauren LeGrand, Emma Pittman, Ellie Slawson, Miller Williams

10th - Mary Davis Bricken, Hollister Dorey, Emilyn Etheredge, Mary Elizabeth Hill, Lily Windham

9th - Ginny Herndon
, Mary Alice Sasser, Elizabeth Ann Stewart, Katherine Warren