Trinity Ambassadors


The Trinity Ambassadors are the official hosts of Trinity School. The purpose of the Trinity Ambassadors is to provide services to the school and to promote pride in the school and all its functions. Some of Trinity Ambassador activities include:

  • New Student Orientation
  • 6th Grade Locker Day
  • Parent Open Houses
  • College Day
  • Homecoming
  • Kindergarten Open House
  • The Spring Musical Production
  • National Honor Society
  • Awards Day
  • Graduation

New Ambassadors for 2022-23:

Bell, Samantha
Blake, Matthew
Bulmer, Reagan
Carter, Sarah Beth
Edwards, Stuart
Ensminger, Abbie
Gardner, Ann-Stallings
Grant, Allison
Gunter, Henlee
Harris, Emory
Howe, Anne Rollins
McCrory, Claire
Snyder, Lucas
Vermillion, Lyndsey
Waddell, Lindsey
Warren, Sally
Wells, Lillain Claire
Williamson, Kenslee
Wilson, Philip