Change 4 Change

Trinity School's Mission Project, Change 4 Change, continually donates over $20,000 annually to charitable organizations in Montgomery and throughout the world.

 Each Friday, mason jars are distributed by students to teachers in various areas of the school.  The jars are distributed in a manner so that every student school wide has the opportunity to contribute.  The jars are returned at the end of  the day, and the money is counted by parents and/or Mrs. Pam Hynniman, the school bookkeeper, each Monday.  The results are published in the morning announcements.  On average, our students contribute $300.00 each week.  In addition, over 800 Change 4 Change t-shirts were ordered last year and worn on Fridays.  Again this year, Change 4 Change shirts will be worn on Fridays.  Students may purchase a new Change 4 Change shirt or wear a Change 4 Change shirt from previous years.

Students, teachers, and parents submit and/or mention needs and/or worthwhile projects for consideration.  With teacher advisors, the students on the missions committee decide where the money will be spent and how much will be contributed to each project.  However, sometimes a need will arise, and all of the money collected on a given Friday will go toward that need.  One parent stated:  "Year long giving shows commitment, planning, stewardship, and hopefully helps build a life-long giving heart."