Trinity Cookbook

Dear parents, teachers, staff and friends,

PTO is so excited to announce that we are working on a new edition of the TPS family cookbook to celebrate and commemorate Trinity’s 50th Anniversary!  We have been getting requests from Alumni, parents, teachers and friends in the community for a third edition for some time and thought NOW was the perfect time to publish a new book.  But we need your help!!

We would love for you to submit any recipes you have.  We would also love for you to reach out to family and anyone else you may know who has a special relationship with Trinity so that they may also contribute recipes.  So, spread the word!

We are taking submissions now.  We are hoping for fresh, new recipes for our Anniversary edition.  We will select one or more of your recipes to be included in the cookbook.  Your name will appear with each recipe published.  If any of your recipes need to give credit to any additional contributor, please note that person’s name as well.  Please note that if similar recipes are submitted by multiple contributors, all contributors will be credited for that recipe.

Each recipe MUST but submitted separately.  You may submit each of your recipes in several ways:  

·       Email with a typed version of the recipe.  

·       Take a picture of the recipe and email it to the same address.  Make sure it is legible and also that your name is written on the recipe.

·       Fill out the online form on the website. 

·       Print out the online form and send the recipe with your child to school. There is a submission box located in each office. 

To help us organize the recipes as they are received, please note one of the following categories in the subject line of any email or form submitted: 

Category 1:  Appetizers, Tailgating, Beverages

Category 2:  Soups, Salads, Sauces

Category 3:  Breakfast, Brunch, Bread

Category 4:  Main Dishes

Category 5:  Vegetables, Sides

Category 6:  Crockpot, Instapot, Meals on the Run

Category 7:  Desserts

Category 8:  Trinity Cookbook Favorites

Category 8 is a section for our favorite recipes from the previously published Trinity cookbooks.  If you have a favorite recipe you would love to see reprinted, just email us at and let us know which recipe(s) that you would like to see reprinted in our Anniversary edition.  Please note that name of the recipe, contributor, page number or any other helpful information to help us identify which recipe you want to see reprinted.  

 Thank you so much for participating in this fun and exciting project.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

 Brandy Price


Download a Form to Fill Out

Click here for a form to download. Once the form is completed, please send to either school office.