Covid Policies

K-12 Back To School Guidance 2021-2022


•      Mask optional but strongly encouraged :  Indoor mask wear is optional.  We strongly encourage unvaccinated or high-risk category students to wear a mask.  A majority of our faculty and staff have been vaccinated.  Students/Families are responsible for their own risks based on their option of mask wearing.  Students must supply masks in their desks (Lower School) or in their computer bag (Middle and Upper School) to be used if deemed necessary by the teacher.  For students in grades 6-12 to whom vaccination is available, mask wearing is recommended but optional.  For elementary aged students for whom the vaccine is not yet available, mask wearing will be required whenever social distance is not possible.  

•      Social Distancing : Teachers, staff, students, and visitors should practice social distancing.  Students will be spaced at their desks, lunch and gatherings.  Students, teachers, staff, and visitors may be required to mask during group work or when social distancing cannot be maintained.  Elementary students when properly distanced at their desks, will be permitted to take off their masks.  They will be required to wear a mask only during any instances in which they are not able to be distanced (traveling in hallway or carpool for example).  

•      Cleaning and Proper Hygiene : Hand washing is encouraged.  Hand Sanitizer will be provided in classrooms, hallways, and lunch room.  Desks will be cleaned periodically throughout the day or at the end of the class period.

•      Prevention of Illness and spread of infectious illness : Students, teachers, and staff who have symptoms of infectious illness (flu, COVID, etc.) should stay home.  Students should contact the school nurse, Jenny French, to determine a plan.  Staying home when sick is vital for keeping infections out of the school and prevent the spread to others.