Welcome to Trinity!

Trinity is a college preparatory school that is soundly and proudly centered on Christ.  At Trinity we offer many of the same educational and extra-curricular opportunities one would only expect to see and will undoubtedly see at other area schools.  Where we may differ, is that we provide this education in a loving and nurturing environment where your child is known by his or her teacher and encouraged to grow in their self-identity as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We recognize that to prepare our students to compete in the new landscape of the 21st century, we must fundamentally change how we approach education.  We still embrace the very best elements of the classical liberal arts tradition, but we do so with an eye toward its modern application.  Knowledge workers and critical problem solvers are the new capital investment.  At Trinity we recognize this central fact and inspire students to discover multiple solutions to complex problems.  

The challenge for schools today is to acknowledge that we are charged with preparing students to compete not locally but globally. Many of the industries and technologies in which these students will work, don’t yet exist. We have to teach students to be not simply consumers of content, but entrepreneurial creators of that content, because in the new economy it is not facts, but rather the ability to think critically that will define success. 

Trinity is a mission-based evangelical school that recognizes that there is room for many different expressions of faith within our distinctly Christ-centered school.  It is for this reason we believe Christian worldview is our foundation, biblical truth is at our core, the Trinity is undeniable, and faith is necessary in all of life,  we do our very best to major on the positives that all evangelicals hold in common.

Trinity is a community that is committed not just to serving children, but also entire families.  We partner with parents, whom we recognize as the primary educators of their children.  We become an extension and affirmation of the educational goals and Christian moral values that our parents prize in their own homes.  

Welcome to Trinity!

Suzanne Satcher
Head of School

Head of School Suzanne Satcher