Fine Arts @ Trinity

Few things compare to the feeling of a standing ovation. Just ask our students. Our ideal size allows every student to participate in visual and performing arts. Our theatre department produces a full-scale musical each spring with a cast of more than 100 Upper School students. Our art students win major state and national awards in the arts and are often exhibited at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Trinity’s Show Choir and band students perform locally as well as throughout the state each year.

Trinity’s intense commitment to our students’ cultural development is readily apparent by state-of-the-art areas for dance, choral, instrumental, visual arts and speech. Trinity is the only independent school in Montgomery that offers a full-time dance program. The Fine Arts facility also features a full array of sound, video and lighting equipment for high-quality stage productions. Exposure to music and song begins at the earliest ages with the Kindergarten Christmas Play. Expression through vocal and instrumental music extends through middle and upper school in formal choral and band performances.

Trinity offers a superior, multi-faceted band program that provides a variety of musical and performance opportunities. The award-winning Wildcat Pride Marching Band performs at pep rallies, football and basketball games and is complemented by the Wildcat Twirlers. The Middle School Concert Band and the Symphonic Band allow students to increase their proficiency through rehearsing and performing concert band literature. Additionally, Trinity has a fifth grade band, the first of its kind in the city.

The arts are not just for the serious thespian or artist at Trinity. Every student is encouraged to explore new skills and try their hand on stage, on canvas, or behind a lens. Whether expression comes out on stage, in art class or through an instrument, every student is rewarded for taking risks and stretching his or her talents.


  • Two Trinity students were selected to serve on the prestigious Junior Arts Education Leadership Team for the State of Alabama.
  • Trinity had the largest number of students chosen for the 2017 All-State Honor Bands of any independent school in the River Region.
  • Trinity is the only independent school in Montgomery that offers a full-time Dance Program.
  • The Trinity "Wildcat Pride" Marching Band received straight Superiors, swept all Best in Class Awards, and received the President's Cup for the Overall Most Entertaining Band for the second year in a row.

Speech and Debate - US and MS

Trinity’s Speech and Debate program has grown tremendously over the last few years and has most recently tackle the forming of a Middle School team. Speech and Debate is an elective offered to students but is also a club that students who can not fit the class in their schedule become a participant as an extracurricular activity. These students prepare speeches and debate against schools all across the state and even out-of-state schools. The types of debate range from one-on-one to partner, and even to congressional debate. Students involved in Speech and Debate also give solo speeches ranging from all kinds of topics and compete. This is a great way to not only stay involved in what is going on in the world around you, but also a great way to learn and master public speaking skills that will follow you fro the rest of your life in any field. Students earn points for the National Speech and Debate Association Honor Society and can earn degrees. If a student reaches 750 points, along with a excellent academic resume can become an NSDA All American. For Middle School students, 10% of their points earned in the MS Honor Society transfer to their HS points as they continue in this discipline.

High School:
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Middle School:
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