Mission Statement and Graduate Profile

Mission Statement
To glorify God by providing for students the highest quality, college-preparatory education, training them in the biblical world and life view, thus enabling them to serve God in spirit, mind, and body.

Graduate Profile
The school shall place all of its emphasis on the outstanding preparation of its students thereby graduating young men and women:
• who know, love and serve Jesus Christ;
• who have the best academic preparation for any further education they choose;
• who are teachable and exhibit a love for learning;
• who are well-read;
• who effectively communicate in speaking and in writing and persuasively present their point of view;
• who can think critically, work on teams cooperatively, and solve problems;
• whose experiences foster understanding of the diversity of the human grace and prepare them for a life of evangelism reflecting the grace and truth of Christ to all people;
• who commit to a life of loyal, servant-leadership in the local church;
• whose participation in athletics (interscholastic or intramural) equips them with a Christian approach to wellness and who are capable of exhibiting their faith and Christian character in competitive situations;
• who apply biblical principles to their family, church, and work;
• whose work ethic, skills and loyalty demonstrate that Christians are to be relied on for the integrity of their work and the quality of their thinking;
• whose actions reveal genuine Christian character; and 
• who live as disciplined, culturally different men and women, and as Christian leaders, engage their world and change it.