College Guidance

The College Counseling office works closely with Upper School students and families guiding them through the entire college selection process helping students explore colleges and universities which fit their spiritual, academic, and social expectations and ultimately can build on the strong Christian foundation established at Trinity.

The College Counseling office values getting to know students and serving as a resource to parents. The college counselor visits college campuses yearly and keeps up with trends is college admissions across the country ultimately helping students with the college selection process.  Individual guidance is provided for each student tailored in their specific goals and interests.

College Counseling by Grade and Special Events

Begin the Journey!  As Trinity students enter the Upper School, it is important to remember that the journey through the college selection process is as important as finding the perfect college destination.  Life at postsecondary institutions should be viewed as both an experience unto itself and as a tool for the development of the academic and social skills to succeed in life.  

Freshman and Sophomore Years
True college preparedness starts long before the senior year.  Trinity’s college preparations begin in the freshman year.

Each freshman and sophomore create their individual SCOIR account and completes a personality assessment. SCOIR is a world-wide program which follows students through the college selection process allowing students to keep college lists, ideas and college comparisons organized throughout their high school years at Trinity.  Freshmen and sophomores are included in Trinity’s College Day and are allowed to attend the College Day browse session.

Junior Year
Juniors are also included in Trinity’s College Day.  Individual meetings with juniors and their parents are scheduled by the college counselor discussing the college selection process.  Parents are set up with their own SCOIR account to be able to follow their students’ college lists and ideas.  

Every spring there is a Junior Parent College Meeting with special guests from college administrators helping guide parents through the college selection process.

Sophomores and juniors have the opportunity to participate in Trinity’s College Road Trips which tour colleges and universities all over the southeast.  

Senior Year 
The ultimate goal of the college counselor office is that by the beginning of the senior year, students will have narrowed their college lists and are ready to apply for admission.  Seniors begin the school year with meetings with the college counselor to discuss applying to colleges and preparing college essays.  The college counseling office provides constant support with each facet of the application process and provides letters of recommendation for college admissions and scholarships.  


College Counselor's Office