After School Program (Wildcat Club)

Wildcat Club is designed to be a true extension of the school day and provide more than just childcare; our program helps provide a foundation children need to develop a lifetime love of learning in a fun, caring, and safe environment. This program is created to assist your children to learn and  thrive in a relaxed and fun environment. We strive to provide age-appropriate programs, with varied activities, while building self-esteem through positive interactions. The children will be provided a snack each day along with play time, relaxation time, and homework time. 

The Wildcat Club Program is available from the end of the regular school day until 5:30 p.m. The program is in session every full school day that regular classes meet from August through May. We will not be in session when school dismisses early, during student holidays, or when school is cancelled for any reason. Registration for this program is for the full year and cannot be cancelled.


Registration Fee: (To be billed in September)
$25 before July 31
$35 after July 31

Full-Time Program (5 days):  $2000 annually  per student - Payable in advance at the first of each month. Full-time Wildcat Club students will be billed monthly (September to May) to your Trinity account.

Part-Time Program (3 days): $1400 annually per student - Payable in advance at the first of each month.  Part-time Wildcat Club students will be billed monthly (September to May) to your Trinity account.

Drop-In Program : $15/day - If you know you will be using our Drop-In Program you may want to go ahead and fill out the registration form and medical forms so we can have those on file. Drop-In charges may be billed to your Trinity account the following month.

Late Fee : $5/minute - Students picked up after 5:30 PM will be charged $5/minute each minute after 5:30 PM.

If your child who attends the 5 day or 3 day a week program will be late (activities, tutoring, etc.) or is absent, we would appreciate an email. However, no refunds will be provided and all fees shall be deemed earned when your child is admitted into the program. For safety reasons, it is imperative that the staff know exactly who is to be in attendance each day. Enrollment in the program is also subject to all of the terms, conditions and restrictions contained in the Trinity Student Handbook applicable to your child during the regular school day.

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If you have any questions about The Wildcat Program, please email Addison Kelley at